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Why I want to be a social worker essay

The main reason I want to become a social worker is because I love helping people in need. I’ve always wanted to help people, even when I was young. I’ve always been very interested in the world and the people who live in it. As I got older, my desire to help people turned into … Read more

How to become a social worker with a psychology degree

How to become a social worker with a psychology degree

A bachelor’s degree in psychology can help you get ready for further higher education in social work, and it may also help you find entry-level jobs in the field of social work. However, you will need more than a bachelor’s degree in psychology to become a Licenced Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). You will also need … Read more

Social work practice method | Working with individuals & group

Social work practice method | Working with individuals & group

Generally, the method is a systematic way of doing something. social work practice method refers to various ways and techniques by which social workers can solve problems of individuals, families, groups, and communities in order to solve their problems and fulfill their needs to make a positive change in society.it is a systematic and planned … Read more

knowledge base of social work | Social work and other Sciences

A knowledge base of social work | Relationship between social work and other social science

Knowledge is the fact or condition of understanding something with familiarity acquired through experience or association. Social work is a combination of knowledge, skills, and values in practice. social workers must have this knowledge in their profession. They need to understand the principles, interventions, and theories that need in this field to solve the problems … Read more

Skill Base of Social Work | Basic Communication| Non-verbal communication

Skill Base of Social Work | Basic Communication and Helping skill | Non-verbal communication skill

What is Skill-Base Communication in Social Work? Social work is an ever-changing profession that calls for various capacities and qualities. Whether these skills come naturally or are learned over time, excelling in this field demands social workers to enhance them throughout their careers always. Although this list is not extensive, the following skills are required … Read more

Professionalism of social work | Definitions, Characteristics |Ethics

Professionalism of social work

Professionalism in social work makes a deep dedication to assisting others, safeguarding their well-being, and continuous personal and professional growth. It involves assisting even those who resist or struggle to accept aid. The quest for knowledge is constant. In social work, you ensure safety while respecting people’s independence. Treating colleagues with dignity, no matter their … Read more

What is Social Work | Social Change | Social Reform and Legislation

What Is Social Work and some related concept

Social work is a practiced based profession that aims to bring positive changes to society by empowering individuals and communities. It involves comprehending human behavior, development, and the workings of social, economic, and cultural institutions. Social work professionals working with families and institutions have contributed to various social impacts, such as enhancing community cohesion and … Read more